Losing in sports is one of the most difficult things to handle. Especially when you are as competitive as myself and most other athletes. Now the high school I came from got beat up on by our division in almost all sports. As bad as it is to say I got used to losing. Now the only way to this around is to either change coaches or change strategy. My fist 2 years of swimming were pretty tough, we did not win many meets and were at the bottom of the conference both years. This was very hard to get up every morning to go practice and know that you are probably going to get beat up on in the next meet. But our coach was great, he knew we weren’t the best but he had a way of pushing us and making us feel that way. Now my junior year we had a very solid upper class and some young talent. We were able to have a pretty successful season and it was a lot of fun. My senior year we lost a lot of swimmers to graduation and had a very young team, but we still had a lot of talent. We turned in another successful year and now our school is a force in the conference. I am talking about this because I hear a lot of people give up because of a bad season. That is the worst thing to do after a tough loss. Losing in my opinion teaches you more than winning and sometimes it needs to happen in order to become a winner.


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