Manti Te’o

Now I will be the first one to express my disliking for the University of Notre Dame but the story of Manti Te’o is one that needs to be heard. Te’o is one of the top linebackers in the country and has backed up all of his supporters by dominating whenever he is on the field. But about a month ago Te’o dealt with the hardest day of his life. Within 6 hours, his grandmother passed away in Hawaii and just a few hours after his girlfriend passed away after suffering from leukemia. Te’o said that day was the hardest he has ever cried and the most difficult day he could have ever imagined. To be so young and so talented and have to face such a tragedy is just horrible. But Te’o kept his promise to his girlfriend and kept playing football. Since that day, he has maintained his level of dominance and is projected to be a top draft pick in this year’s NFL draft. Manti Te’os story is one that many can take pride in and learn to keep their head up.


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  1. theleoveloz says :

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