My Inspiration

Injuries in sports are the most devastating thing that could happen to an athlete. Most injuries will keep you out a couple weeks and in some cases a whole year which is horrible. But when you hear stories about the unimaginable, career ending injuries is when it really hits you. Eric LeGrand was running down the field in the 4th quarter on special teams when he made a tackle that ended his career. On that tackle he suffered a spinal cord injury that ultimately left him paralyzed. This was almost two years ago and in the past two years he has made huge steps in recovering and reaching his goal to walk again. Also over that time he has touched many people’s lives and inspired all of us. But as in all aspects of life, after so long many peoples stories start to fade, but this story should stay and everyone should hear it. LeGrand started a foundation called BELieve which raises funds for awareness and people who suffer spinal cord injuries. LeGrand has also come out with two books about his story. He has done this all after suffering an injury that many people would never even try and recover from. I find this very inspirational and this story pushes me to do my best every day and help me through tough times. So I believe everyone should hear his story.


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