When we were assigned to start a blog, I didn’t know how to feel about it. It was great that we got to choose our own topics but writing isn’t my favorite thing to do so I wasn’t really looking forward to it. But after the first blog we wrote I kind of opened up to it and allowed myself to have fun with it. Doing research to write a blog wasn’t bad at all because I was reading articles about different sports which I do in my free time anyways. So being able to express my opinion on what was going on in the world of sports and knowing people have the opportunity to read it is pretty cool. I also think this helped me develop as a writer because there was no rubric and there were countless things to write about. It helped me to improve on picking a good topic I know I can write a strong blog on. Overall this blog was a fun, effective way to improve my writing.


The Mighty Mitten

We are blessed in the state of Michigan to have a rich sports tradition in just about every sport. We have a rich football tradition with the University of Michigan and Michigan State University, several great basketball teams, Detroit is considered “Hockey town”, and the Tigers are one of the best baseball teams in the game currently. I was recently just thinking about different states and their sports traditions and I really didn’t realize how great of a sports state Michigan is. I am a straight Michigan sports fan and have just come to realize how great that is. As a U of M fan I am blessed to cheer for such a great football team along with other sports.  The Detroit Red Wings are known worldwide for their hockey traditions and are one of the most famous organizations in all sports. The Tigers just went to the World Series and have a good future in store. And finally we have U of M and MSU ranked nationally in basketball and even though the Pistons are struggling they had a good run the last 10 years. So these days we know that the state of Michigan has been going through some rough times but it’s good to know that there will always been a rich tradition in sports.


After winning a big game, being able to celebrate is the best, but when celebrating goes too far things can get dangerous. As many of us know the San Francisco Giants swept the Detroit Tigers in the World Series, and the celebrations in San Francisco went a little overboard. The fans took the streets over, in a lack of better words, started a riot. Fires were started in the middle of streets along with the destruction of a ton of city property. Also a man, who was pictured destroying a million dollar city bus, is now one of the most wanted men on the internet. I totally understand being excited for your team but I don’t understand destroying things in celebration. It doesn’t make any sense to destroy something out of happiness, it just makes zero sense. So I guess I am glad that San Francisco fans made a fool of themselves, it provides a minor victory for us tiger fans.


Losing in sports is one of the most difficult things to handle. Especially when you are as competitive as myself and most other athletes. Now the high school I came from got beat up on by our division in almost all sports. As bad as it is to say I got used to losing. Now the only way to this around is to either change coaches or change strategy. My fist 2 years of swimming were pretty tough, we did not win many meets and were at the bottom of the conference both years. This was very hard to get up every morning to go practice and know that you are probably going to get beat up on in the next meet. But our coach was great, he knew we weren’t the best but he had a way of pushing us and making us feel that way. Now my junior year we had a very solid upper class and some young talent. We were able to have a pretty successful season and it was a lot of fun. My senior year we lost a lot of swimmers to graduation and had a very young team, but we still had a lot of talent. We turned in another successful year and now our school is a force in the conference. I am talking about this because I hear a lot of people give up because of a bad season. That is the worst thing to do after a tough loss. Losing in my opinion teaches you more than winning and sometimes it needs to happen in order to become a winner.

Manti Te’o

Now I will be the first one to express my disliking for the University of Notre Dame but the story of Manti Te’o is one that needs to be heard. Te’o is one of the top linebackers in the country and has backed up all of his supporters by dominating whenever he is on the field. But about a month ago Te’o dealt with the hardest day of his life. Within 6 hours, his grandmother passed away in Hawaii and just a few hours after his girlfriend passed away after suffering from leukemia. Te’o said that day was the hardest he has ever cried and the most difficult day he could have ever imagined. To be so young and so talented and have to face such a tragedy is just horrible. But Te’o kept his promise to his girlfriend and kept playing football. Since that day, he has maintained his level of dominance and is projected to be a top draft pick in this year’s NFL draft. Manti Te’os story is one that many can take pride in and learn to keep their head up.

My Inspiration

Injuries in sports are the most devastating thing that could happen to an athlete. Most injuries will keep you out a couple weeks and in some cases a whole year which is horrible. But when you hear stories about the unimaginable, career ending injuries is when it really hits you. Eric LeGrand was running down the field in the 4th quarter on special teams when he made a tackle that ended his career. On that tackle he suffered a spinal cord injury that ultimately left him paralyzed. This was almost two years ago and in the past two years he has made huge steps in recovering and reaching his goal to walk again. Also over that time he has touched many people’s lives and inspired all of us. But as in all aspects of life, after so long many peoples stories start to fade, but this story should stay and everyone should hear it. LeGrand started a foundation called BELieve which raises funds for awareness and people who suffer spinal cord injuries. LeGrand has also come out with two books about his story. He has done this all after suffering an injury that many people would never even try and recover from. I find this very inspirational and this story pushes me to do my best every day and help me through tough times. So I believe everyone should hear his story.

My Vision

Blogging today has become one of the most popular ways to speak your mind, and make sure that millions of people are able to read it if they so choose. Most blogs today have one specific focus whether it be college football, Italian cuisine, or hip hop music. My vision is to cover all the sports possible and give an insight to what is currently happening. One example of a specific blog that I came across is about the Detroit Tigers and there recent road trip against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and about all of Detroit’s struggles.  This blog gave great detail but all of this person’s blogs are about the Tigers, my plan is to change that and focus on the entire world of sports. I plan on covering sports such as golf, tennis, college football, NFL, NHL, and whatever other big or small stories are occurring. Another blog I came across is about Serena Williams recent victory over Victoria Azarenka in the US Open finals. Although this blog gets directly to the point it doesn’t embellish on what she went through to win. I plan on providing as much detail as needed to obtain a full understanding of what went on in that specific sporting event. Overall, my goal for my blog is to cover sports in all different aspects from differing sports, to stories that might not make the front page of the paper but tell a good story or make a difference.